Property Management Toronto


Real Estate Projects

Full Accounting Cycle

Starting from entering individual receipts to ending with financial reports in Accounting cycle.

Tax Filings

All Tax Filings including T1, T2, T3 Tax Returns. Other Tax Filings includes T4's, T5's, HST Returns, WSIB and EHT.

Staff Management

Overseeing and Managing Staff with the primary goal of achieving productivity.

Business Consulting

Objective to achieve economy, efficiencies and effectiveness of your Business with overall goal to improve profit margins. Contact us today for more information!

Office Setup and Establishing Internal Controls

Internal Controls are necessary to achieve efficiency and prevent fraud and abuse

Internal Audits

Advanced Excel Skills are used to achieve Internal Audits and reviews.

Financial Analysis

Advanced Excel Skills are used to achieve financial analysis functions.

Budgets and Variance Analysis

Offering incremental, activity based, value proposition and zero-based budgeting.


Current and Past Contracts

1. Public practice practitioner, over 20 years experience

2. Financial Analyst

3. Business Consultant

4. Finance Manager

5. Audit Manager

6. Controller

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