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Condominium Management


If you are a new corporation, require assistance in setting up your Business structure, SPM is here to assist. I will be able to set up the corporation, Board of Directors and property manager with the best chance of success.


I provide internal audit services to ensure achievements in economy, effectiveness and efficiencies. I provide Internal audit services to include review of your existing Business model, review Line by Line Financial statement item analysis, verification and review of existing expenses.


Maintenance of your building’s common areas is important for keeping both your residents satisfied and the value of your condominium high. SPM has been maintaining high-quality hallways, sidewalks, and greenery for years. Believe it or not, simple annual interior painting and replacing hallway carpets adds big value and are not expensive. I make recommendations to do the work necessary so you can improve your Investment.


Keeping your residents happy is critical to the long-term success of a condominium. One of the best ways to do that is to foster a healthy community. SPM are focused in making sure that all residents are kept informed and satisfied.


Repairs, accidents, and issues happen in all condo buildings and townhouse complexes. To ensure that the costs and incidences are controlled, it is important to provide preventative maintenance throughout the course of the year. After all, the unit owners are the ones who pay our salaries.


Timely and accurate accounting is very important to ensure compliance to Condominium Act. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Budgeting and Financial Reporting are services provided to Condominiums. You know you’re in good hands, Nicholas Sider is a CPA in good standing and over 25 years experience and will oversee all aspects of financial reporting.

Not only should you screen tenants property, you should try to follow up with them at least once a month to ensure their financial position is secure.

How you decide to execute your rental strategy is entirely up to you. But there are a number of other factors to consider depending on your current circumstances and where you want to be in the next few years. If you are still hesitating what rental strategy to choose, give us a call.